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Educational Consulting for Organizations

Based on the needs of your organization, we can customize group training, site based training, strategic planning, coaching and implementation support to help you meet your data driven goals. Contact me directly for details.

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“Her approach to coaching and developing the skills of participants has lasting results on our most important clients—students!”

Dr. Kim is an outstanding resource for teams looking to grow their leadership capacity and effectiveness. I was working with a middle school team of teachers and administrators. They were struggling to work effectively together and conduct productive meetings. They also were not seeing much success in disseminating the decisions and information from meetings to their grade level and department teammates. There was little evidence of sustained implementation of strategies to increase student achievement.

Dr. Kim designed a 6-month plan to develop their knowledge and skills as teacher leaders. She built in time to learn about the strategies and time to practice and reflect on what they learned. Her sessions were meaningful and energized the teacher leaders to use the strategies she introduced them to in the sessions. As their skills grew, the school began to experience success in improving communication, implementing effective strategies consistently, and School Leadership Team meetings were focused on student growth and achievement. She is an engaging knowledgeable presenter who designs learning and coaching sessions on the needs of the school and the specific groups in a school. Her approach to coaching and developing the skills of participants has lasting results on our most important clients – students!

—Patricia Leary, PhD, President Sandpiper Leadership, Ltd.

“After extensive on-site observations and interviews, the assessment of Dr. Richardson’s work was outstanding, with ratings consistently between 4.3 – 5 on a five-point scale. Teachers described her as “knowledgeable,” “non-obtrusive,” and “positive”...”

The Urban Learning and Leadership Center (ULLC) was a subcontractor on a federal grant called CLIP. The goal of the Central Louisiana Instructional Partnership (CLIP) project, led by The Orchard Foundation, was to develop and implement a model of middle school mathematics and science teacher preparation through an innovative teacher residency program that included integrated professional development, university instruction, and induction support. The CLIP Project, supported by a US Education Department Teacher Quality Partnership Grant, included a 5-year induction component with a budget of $344,847. As CEO of ULLC, I asked Dr. Richardson to provide the training for the school-based mentor coaches, building principals, and CLIP mentees as well as conduct quality control support visits to each CLIP teacher classroom.

Over the five years, the partnership prepared 4 cohorts (44 teachers) of grade certified math and science teachers who had earned a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) from Northwestern State University’s Gallaspy College of Education and Human Development (GCEHD). As those teachers were placed in middle school teaching assignments, Dr. Richardson provided a two-year program of training and coaching support. The goals of this induction program were: 

  1. To support new CLIP teachers as they transitioned to the teaching profession so they were successful in creating high performance classrooms yielding high achievement students; 
  2. To create a professional network of these new teachers to engage them in a self-sustaining cohort of learners through their first two years of service and beyond; and 
  3. To create a local support system of administrators and supervisory personnel to continue the professional growth cycle for these teachers after the project ended. 

The induction model consisted of a combination of cohort-based centralized training with school-based field experiences. CLIP teachers, site-based administrators, and induction coaches met in scheduled network sessions throughout each year to share experiences, collaborate on successful strategies, and receive additional training and support. Between these network meetings, Dr. Richardson conducted site-based training and review sessions at each participating school.

The external evaluation of the project was conducted by EvalWorks, a nationally respected evaluation company. After extensive on-site observations and interviews, the assessment of Dr. Richardson’s work was outstanding, with ratings consistently between 4.3 – 5 on a five-point scale. Teachers described her as “knowledgeable,” “non-obtrusive,” and “positive” and respected her feedback which they found detailed and helpful as they know she is a successful veteran teacher. Teachers reported that she observed in non-judgmental ways and interacted with students throughout her observations so she could understand their perceptions of the lesson. They also shared that she provided feedback that could be implemented immediately and then followed up with them with specific suggestions, links to websites, etc. to further address the areas they had discussed. 

Areas she helped teachers with included ways to engage students and deepen their knowledge, timing within lessons, student engagement, and self-care. As one teacher noted, “It is just nice to get someone unbiased. She evaluates what I am doing and always starts with the positive but also adds suggestions. She is always willing to help me understand her suggestions -she goes above and beyond and follows up quickly. I am able to see the difference in my teaching since she first started working with me.” A sampling of the anecdotal comments of the CLIP teachers includes:

  • “Very useful because I learned so much from her. She gave me little timers I could use. She showed me how to break down the lesson more, and she was very positive but did tell me how to do things better. She shared with me what she saw and helped me make improvements. So, I thought it was very helpful.”
  • “She is very knowledgeable and goes into depth when providing feedback. She has good ideas, strategies, and points. And then emails me things related to questions Iask. She sends lots of resources that are all relevant.”
  • “She’s constantly reaching out to me with different strategies and ideas I can share in my classroom. She lets me vent and gives me ways to cope with my issues through strategies she looks for. She has really helped me around working with difficult students.”
  • “She is sunshine! Anything if I reach out to her, she has an answer or helps me with. Like she sent me an article on different seating arrangements. She is like ice cream on a hot day. She boosts you up. She was the main one last year telling me she could tell I don’t take care of myself. She saw I gave everything I could so reminded me to take care of myself. I needed that.”

In short, Dr. Richardson demonstrated all the traits of successful leadership on this large-scale, high-profile, and rigorous project with professionalism and passion. She created and managed a large budget, scheduled multiple training and coaching sessions across 9 parishes, and added significant value with the overall project management team. As her direct supervisor, it was a pleasure to have an educational leader such as Kim who can take personal ownership of a project, guide it to excellence with minimal oversight, and in the process, gain the respect of colleagues at all levels.

—Harvey Perkins, ULLC President, former NNPS Deputy Superintendent

“I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Kim for any school division looking to develop an instructional/leadership coaching program.”

When looking to develop an instructional coaching model for our regional program, I knew that Dr. Kim was the right fit. Her enthusiasm and passion for leadership and instructional coaching are infectious. Dr. Kim’s knowledge and expertise in the field are bar none. We looked to Dr. Kim to help us develop a model for coaching that was unique to our program and then train our identified staff members to serve in the role of an instructional coach.

New Horizons Center for Autism and Newport Academy is a regional education program that serves special education students who have not been successful in the regular public school setting. We identified our Teacher Specialists to receive training on instructional coaching. Dr. Richardson helped us navigate the unique challenge of our Instructional Coaches also serving as classroom teachers. This potentially limited the time and resources they were able to dedicate to the practice of instructional coaching. However, Dr. Kim listened to our vision and helped us develop an effective model for our program.

Dr. Kim provided a staff PD where our paraprofessionals, teachers, and support staff learned about the culture of coaching and the role each of us played in facilitating that culture. Dr. Kim then provided targeted training to our identified instructional coaches one day a week, virtually for ten weeks.

The feedback that we have gotten from the staff has been very positive. The identified coaches have developed practical leadership skills and characteristics that they can now use to build teacher efficacy. Staff members who have participated in coaching cycles have reported that they feel the job-embedded professional development being provided is much more effective than the traditional sit-and-get PD. We hope to have data on student outcomes by the end of this school year.

Dr. Kim was organized and intentional in her delivery and collaboration with our organization. A consummate professional, Dr. Kim was methodical in her planning, scheduling, and delivery of all contracted PD’s. Mention adaptability to changing circumstances if applicable As mentioned earlier, Dr. Kim was able to craft a unique model of coaching for our program.

I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Kim for any school division looking to develop an instructional/leadership coaching program. Prior to this endeavor, Dr. Kim trained me as an instructional coach serving the special education teachers and students of HCS. Dr. Richardson’s passion and excitement for coaching is infectious. She made me want to do better. To be better. Her positivity and light are unmatched.

—Leann Sorrell, M.S.Ed. Program Coordinator, Center for Autism

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