Dr. Kim - Rise Up and Lead!

Introducing Dr. Kim

Teacher. Instructional Specialist. School Principal. Instructional Coaching Coordinator. Title I Supervisor. HR and Central Office Administrator. Professional Learning Director. Professional Certified Coach®. Experienced Educator.

These roles taught me that in order to be successful in that position, I had to keep learning and growing both personally and professionally. In any job, you’ve proven that you’re qualified (because you got the job!,) but you may not yet be fully prepared for how to go about the work with the people.

In leadership roles especially, your self and social awareness skills are ever more important as you rise up.

The common thread in it all is how you interact with people. In education, it may all be for the benefit of the children but you can’t do this difficult work without the adults (though you can try!)

That’s why it’s so important to know how to work with others.

In my research, I found that most educators learn some leadership strategies on the job but they miss out on leadership development opportunities outside of formal education.

There must be a learning intervention, so that leaders learn to develop the skills and strategies of leading and interacting with others.

I am a professional certified coach (PCC®) with the International Coach Federation. My approach to the work is to design a high quality space for you to think, learn, and create. I’m here to give you the skills to grow other people and build a positive work environment.

My vision is that educational leaders’ personal and professional growth are inseparable so they can rise up and lead.

My mission is to develop you through learning, coaching, and consulting.

I specialize in designing learning experiences for educational leaders at all levels, emphasizing essential interpersonal and communication skills. The challenging work of student achievement is complex and leadership development is not an indulgence, but a necessity.

Fun Facts:

I am a boy mom, a dancer, group fitness instructor, and a songwriter. I need my sleep and I love Mexican food. Don’t play me in a game because I’m ultra competitive and I will win!

Now that you’ve gotten to know a bit about me, if you are interested in working together, check out my services to see how we can partner together.

Let’s Rise Up and Lead!

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