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Elevating Educators for EXCELLENCE

Professional Coaching and Leadership Development with a People-Centered Approach

I specialize in coaching and developing educators so they are equipped and prepared for all types of leadership. By providing you with the skills you need…

...I can help you be the leader you envision yourself to be, even if you don’t see it yet.

I’m Dr. Kim…why?

I studied leadership identity development. I’m also a PCC® certified coach.

My expertise lies in the intersection of educational leadership and professional coaching. On my journey from teacher to specialist to principal to central office, to coach and consultant, I’ve supported and developed educators in all roles.

Whatever your position, I’m here to help you be as effective as possible. As your coach, enhancing your communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills is my passion.

Partner with me to strengthen yourself and develop your leadership so you can Rise Up and Lead!



Let’s Work Together...

Professional Coaching

Think With Me = Thought Partnership

I partner with you to create a space to maximize your thinking.

Professional Learning

Learn From Me = Learning Design

I design and facilitate learning experiences for you, your team, school, or your organization.


Build with Me = Strategic Planning

I listen to and analyze your needs in order to strategize solutions with you for your team or your organization.


Hear from Me

I am a conference breakout presenter, keynote presenter, and motivational speaker.

What people are saying...

“After receiving coaching from Dr. Kim, I feel more grounded and am more able to visualize and work toward a more empowered life!”

Through her masterful coaching style, Dr. Kim helps me to recognize how my internal barriers (negative self-talk & imposter syndrome) negatively impact my confidence and growth as a person and as a leader. Dr. Kim’s intentional questioning helps me to increase self-awareness, hold myself accountable and gain clarity about my perspectives, goals and desires. After receiving coaching from Dr. Kim, I feel more grounded and am more able to visualize and work toward a more empowered life!

—Adelena Manriquez, Founder of AM Coaching and Consulting, LLC

“The workshop surpassed my expectations by providing valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in educational coaching.”

The practical strategies shared during the sessions are not only insightful but also immediately applicable to my role. The diverse range of sessions and collaborative activities created a dynamic learning environment that has left a lasting impact on my professional development. Attending the Coaching Leadership sessions has allowed me to put into perspective the role I wish to play within our organization. I am enthusiastic about applying the knowledge and skills acquired to create a collaborative environment for increased student outcomes. 

—Desirae Gass, M.Ed. Newport Academy, Teacher Specialist

“Her approach to coaching and developing the skills of participants has lasting results on our most important clients—students!”

I was working with a middle school team of teachers and administrators. They were struggling to work effectively together and conduct productive meetings. They also were not seeing much success in disseminating the decisions and information from meetings to their grade level and department teammates. There was little evidence of sustained implementation of strategies to increase student achievement.

Dr. Kim designed a 6-month plan to develop their knowledge and skills as teacher leaders. She built in time to learn about the strategies and time to practice and reflect on what they learned. Her sessions were meaningful and energized the teacher leaders to use the strategies she introduced them to in the sessions. As their skills grew, the school began to experience success in improving communication, implementing effective strategies consistently, and School Leadership Team meetings were focused on student growth and achievement. Her approach to coaching and developing the skills of participants has lasting results on our most important clients—students!

—Patricia Leary, PhD, President Sandpiper Leadership, Ltd.

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